Richmond, VA

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“Stop Worrying About Your Family’s
Safety By Being Prepared To Deal
With Life’s Dangers”

Our safety and self-defense program for kids and parents in Richmond, VA is designed to ensure our students:

  • Have knowledge about life’s dangers and are alert to their presence
  • Trust their instincts will warn them when to take action
  • Know what to do and be able to do it when a threat occurs

One of the primary goals is to help parents stop worrying about their family’s safety because they know they’re prepared.

In our family safety and self defense classes and via our unique online resources we ensure our students know the danger signs and the best strategies for protection from violence — and then practice the actions they MUST take if a threat ever occurs.

Our family safety and self-defense training is designed specifically for parents and their kids of all ages and was developed by a world-renowned law enforcement trainer Dave Young of Arma Training.

We are the ONLY school in Richmond, VA certified by Dave Young to be part of his worldwide network of certified Defense Experts.

To learn more, you should get our free family safety toolkit, which includes two videos (25 minutes total), a transcript of the videos (8 pages), and a parent workbook (14 pages).

Just click on the link above to sign up to get immediate access to this toolkit. In addition, learn about our class schedule, prices and web specials for our family safety and self defense programs in Richmond, VA on how to keep your family safe.